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Anjuman Mehria Naseeria Welfare (Registered)

By the grace of Almighty ALLAH, the Anjman is striving to achieve its goal at national and international level for promoting religious education,welfare and mass media under the guidance of Peer Syed Ghulam Nizam Ud Deen Jami Gilani Qadri Sajjada Nasheen Aastana Aalia GHAUSIA MEHRIA GOLRA SHARIF.
Major fields of interest of the Anjman are as follows:

  • Organizing programmes for promoting teachings of Quran and Sunnah
  • Create awareness for an ideal Islamic society according to the Islamic laws
  • Construction of Markazi Jamia Masjid " Shams Ul Masajid
  • Construction of Jamia Mehria Naseeria " Shams Ul Madaris
  • Issuance of quarterly magazine Tuloo E Mehr
  • Striving to unite the muslims against the secterianism
  • Providing a platform to raise a forceful voice against the terrorism

    Those who wish to assist financialy or otherwise,may please contact on the address:

    Anjman Mehria Naseeria Welfare (Registered) Darbar E Aalia Golra Sharif E/11 Islamabad.

The three sons of Pir Syed Naseer ud Din Naseer

Pir Ghulam Nizam ud Din Jami

The head of Anjuman Mehria Naseeria welfare registered.


Pir Syed Najm ud Din

He was born on 11 Auguest 1983,also a member of the Anjuman Mehria Naseeria and look after the Anjuman in the absence of Pir Syed Ghulam Nizam ud Din.

Pir Syed Shams ud Din Gillani

The youngest son of Pir Syed Naseer ud Din Naseer.