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Tribute to Pir Syed Naseer ud din Naseer (R.A)
Tribute to Pir Syed Naseer Ud Din Naseer (R.A) Golra Sharif

In token of appreciation of life long pursuation of highest Islamic science/education research of numberous Islamic books of Aulia Allah, participation / travelling world wide in most of the programmes to deliver lecture, kalaam and Waaz for propagation of Islam and attending of Mushahera in various TV programmes / TV interviews having acquired knowledge in most of the related field specially poetry in seven languages.Hazrat Allama Pir Naseer ud din Naseer (R.A) clocked the following decorations conferred by literary circle as well as Millat of Hazrat-e-Naseer (R.A)

1 The glorious of the era Mujaddid e Asar
2 The grand master of the Holly Quran Qari-ul-Qurra
3 The perfect propagator of Islam Muballigh e Islam
4 The emperor of rhetoric Shehinsha-e-Hitabat
5 The real successor of religious science of Mehr Ali (R.A) Waris e Uloom e Mehr Ali
6 The great poet of seven languages Shaer e Haft zuban
7 The light of Golra Chiragh-e-Golra
8 The melody voice in reciting of Naat and kalam of his own and other renowed poets and Aulia Allah (Friends of God) Hush-ul-Haan Naat Go
9 Resourcefull person Hush Tadbeer Admi
The decoration at Sr.9 is of mine, which I justify in the sense that Pir Sahib has full command to control a big gathering without any security arrangement through his kalaam,Waaz,reciting poetry,Naat and speech on various topic.The personality of Pir Sahib was / is so graceful / distinguished that all the personnel attending his Mehfil remained silent with due respect in well diciplined manner, attentive to speaker,enjoyed his versatile, melodious novel kalam.The audience are inspired to develop their lives as per directives of Pir Sahib which is rather in accordance with Quran and Sunnah,that is why he should not be declared a "Resourcefull Person" and a great scholar which his respected personality deserve hundered percent as per ground reality.

Pir Sahib rendered very high blend of services in his field in keeping that peer sahib was groomed up / trained under the special guidance / care of his beloved grand father Hazrat Qibla Babu Jee (R.A) to follow his footprints and really Peer Sahib proved eminently through his missionary zeal / efforts. Pir Sahib was / is replica and mirror of Hazrat Qibla Babu Jee and Hazrat Qibla Alam Hazrat Pir Mehr Ali Shah (R.A). People inspired by his piety and saintly character and kiss his hands in mark of love/affection. Pir Sahib always pleaded for the blessing of Almighty Allah and the Holly Prophet (PBUH).Inspite of a pious stature Peer sahib has had frequently expressed his high state of humilily.

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Khalid Mehmood
Pakistan Steel Karachi.