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Complete Speeches of Pir Naseeruddin Naseer Golra Sharif
Pir Naseeruddin Naseer (R.A)

Born on 14 November 1949,22nd Moharram 1369 hijri,in Golra Sharif wrote more than 20 books, great scholar, poet, reformer.

He was a scholar, a researcher and author of about fourty books on several subjects. His poetic books had won acclaim.Pir sahib was against traditional mysticism and favoured it as a means of practical moral and spiritual training for development of personality. He also had vast following across Pakistan and abroad and would undertake visits of Europe for preaching purposes.

pir naseer ud din naseer

Bayan : Dastar e Fazeelat (Gujar Khan)

Full speeches of Pir Naseeruddin Naseer (R.A) Golra Sharif available online only on Tajdaregolra.com
No. Bayan Year Place Format
1 Dastar e Fazeelat (Gujar Khan) - Gujar Khan mp3
2 Ya Rasool Allah (Dhoria) - Dhoria mp3
3 Azmat e Quran (Gujar Khan) 2005 Gujar Khan mp3
4 Baet Kia Hai (Sohawa) 2005 Sohawa mp3



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