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Online Qawwali Golra Sharif

You must have flash player installed also the required plug-in in your browser to play the qawwalis. If you find problem in downloading , please reopen your page in another browser i.e internet explorer Online store for qawwali music websites Golra Sharif. The best online store all over the world for qawwali music playlist.

Free Music Websites : Online Store For Music Playlist Pir Naseer ud din Naseer Qawwali ( The Sufi Poetry School )

Format : Mp3

Kalam : Pir Syed Naseer ud din Naseer (R.A)

Audio >> Qawali >> Tu Saday Nehray Wass Wy

"Tu Saday Nehray Wass Wy"

Lyrics / Kalam / Bol

Tu sadhy nehry wass wy dholan yaar

Labdi phiraan mein tikanay tery

Teri jayi laye dery

Tu apna thikana dass wy dholan yaar

Pir Naseer ud din Naseer Golra Sharif