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Mufti Mushtaq Ahmed Chishti passed away (22nd April 2014)

Golra Sharif: Mufti Mushtaq Ahmed Chishti , the main mufti of Golra Sharif passed away on tuesday 22nd April, 2014. He was a Khatib at darbar e Alia Ghosia Mehria Golra Sharif. Namaz e Janaza of Sheikh ul Hadis o Tafseer Hazrat Allama Molana Mufti Mushtaq Ahmed Chishti will be today (22nd April 2014) with namaz e asr at Darbar e Alia Ghosia Mehria Golra Sharif.

Inna Lillah e Wa Inna ilaye ra'ajeoon

May the Almighty Allah rest his soul in his eternal peace and shower his all blessing - Ameen

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mufti mushtaq ahmed chishti golra sharif passed away

Mufti Mushtaq Ahmed Chishti Died 22 April 2014

Golra Sharif:

Golra Sharif is a town situated near the Margalla Hills, in the Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan, at about 520 m (1,710 ft) above sea level, 17 km (11 mi) from the ancient city of Taxila. The shrine in Golra Sharif has a lot of importance for the people of the Pothohar Plateau and yearly anniversary of the Pir Meher Ali Shah (RA) is attended by thousands every year to pay their regards.

Golra Sharif is a shrine of the Sufi Mystic Pir Meher Ali Shah in Islamabad, Pakistan. Hazrart Pir Meher Ali Shah (RA) received there Faiz, spiritual guidance and are the mureed of Shams Ul Arafin Pir Sial Lajpal of Sial Shareef in Sargohdah.